The ADC-V724 is the first outdoor camera offered by that supports 2-Way Audio. With‘s excellent video analytics options, property owners will be alerted to people and/or animals in the viewing area. The owner can then speak through the camera, as an added deterrent.


The ADC-V523X is an indoor, 1080P camera that features High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR delivers crisp, clean image with the information being delivered along with the rest of the video signal provided by the camera.

ADC SkyBell has partnered with SkyBell to create the best doorbell camera on the market today.  With a full color 180 degree video, night vision IR up to 8 feet, option to silence chime, on-demand video and recorded clips, two-way audio through built in speaker and microphone, motion sensor detects motion effectively up to 8 feet.